Paul Carluccio

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Back Story

       My mother, a painter, encouraged my creativity at a young age. While her initial motive might have been to keep her youngest of five kids out of trouble, something extra developed: I began to see things differently. I have worked in different mediums - photography, filmmaking, writing, and painting. Years ago I decided to focus my creativity toward painting, embracing the joy I feel when I work with my hands. 

I started to paint outdoors on the sidewalks using the lines to create landscape paintings. It was not long before I fell in love with manhole covers and I have been painting them for the last fifteen years. At some point I realized I was just taking what I loved from other mediums and exploring them in my craft of painting. Hence my love of composition, color, story telling and most of all my love for people. Thus as I transform these historical shapes I am able to exercise the black and white style of photography that I have been doing since age ten; the colors and lines I enjoyed while studying Art history in Europe; and the narrative structure I learned at NYC film school. Mix that all in a bowl with an eventful life and you have me on my knees in the streets of New York City, painting and sharing stories with all kinds of people. 

Sometimes I'm out there painting and I will hear a voice of a passerby saying, "Wow! I've been walking over manhole covers for years and never looked at them that way". Then, I think, maybe what I do will help people realize we have the ability to look at things differently. I guess if I do that, I've done my job as an Artist.

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