Paul Carluccio


ROW #1 (TV Networks) -  Word News Japan( NHK/TV) - WABC - SVA - WCBS.

ROW #2 - (Shows & Creating Paintings ) - Teaneck - Port Washington Show - SoHo Show - Haunkkah / Christmas.

ROW #3 -  (NYU Films)- Don't Forget to Wipe - Fresh Seafood - Pizza Boy - Getting in the Garden.

ROW #5,6 & 7- (Ucci Productions) The films I made when work in the Film/ TV industry.

Sample Film Clips

Good Morning Japan ABC NEWS segment SVA Documentary CBS video Teaneck Manhole Cover Beneath our feet Soho Show & Talk Holiday Manhole Covers Dont Forget to Wipe Fresh Seafood PIzza Boy Geting in the Garden Times SQ. Midnight Moment Where Knicks Dare Kong - NY Rangers Spike Lee Hails a Cab Game Documentary follow the food Jack's steak house knick pregame jazz band More NYR Kongs Ben Stiller Beastie Boys Exposed

See more films on my History page or on YouTube.