Paul Carluccio


That Little Voice

A collection of over 500 short poetic expressions conceived from my daily life. The "A to Z" of insights presented is both inspiring and thought-provoking, sending a reader in numerous positive directions. [... read excerpt]

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Nothing Less Than Love

This book thoughtfully explores what I've learned from seeing different relationships over the years. At home, work, and so on, our "relationship list" never seems to end. Yet, this is to the reader's benefit, as it allows me to draw colorful insights on how we relate to each other. This book views the "relationship" in different ways. It first looks at how one relates to "themselves" versus "with another" and lastly "with all" that surrounds us. It is a unique, personal perspective on society, art, media, film and America all used to incorporate inspiring and entertaining stories. Each real life experience is used to describe why love is needed for any relationship to survive and grow. [... read excerpt]

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The Tool of Vision

At times, a plan was created. At other times, it was tested in the eventful days following brain surgery, living in New York City as a single father, working all kinds of jobs, witnessing disasters, being dyslexic, and much more. In The Tool of Vision, I was able to weave inspiring and enjoyable stories into a helpful approach toward living a balanced life. Whether it was myself or others who lost and regained their balance, each anecdote acts as a brushstroke painting a picture, allowing the reader to see life and love in an uplifting way. [... read excerpt]

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