Paul Carluccio


"La Slah Oatw”  

Live a Simple Life and Help Others Along The Way.

I believe in something enough I’m willing to Die for it yet I Love it even more that I’m willing to Live for it.   

Often I do not receive material income; thankfully does not infiltrate my outcomes. 

I judge the wealth I have within, not the things I am without. 

My movement is with a loving priority even when I feel this motive is of the minority.  

Love comes to me by way of Community then I have Gratitude leading me to me to Solitude. 

Be it heart or hand, woman or man, I know there is more LOVE to give then grains of sand. 

Light is a gift from GOD. > We create Color. > Art is All. 

Art shall exercise our ability to look at things differently. 

- Words from the book: That Little Voice